Gnee Steel Co., Ltd. is a leading stainless steel manufacturer in China. We produce stainless steel pipes, stainless steel coils, stainless steel sheets, stainless steel pipe fittings, stainless steel profiles.
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The Gnee Steel Group is a supply chain business that combines the design and manufacture of panels, pipes, and profiles with outdoor landscaping and the sales of small goods internationally. Gnee Steel Group has emerged as the Central Plains' most skilled steel supply chain international firm.

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Year established: 2008

  • Number of employees: 200
  • Exporting countries: more than 120 countries
  • Plant area: 35000 square meters
  • Cooperative companies: more than 600 companies around the world cooperate







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GNEE Steel Group is a professional enterprise integrating industry and trade, mainly engaged in the design and processing of stainless steel plates, coils, profiles, and outdoor landscapes. After 15 years of development, it has become a leading international steel supply chain company in the Central Plains. Cooperating with more than 600 companies around the world, the annual export capacity exceeds 80,000 tons.

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Gnee steel group are professional one-stop solution for steel products of China. Self-designed Corten steel design and rust technology have reached the world average technical level. The rust technology is acknowledged by dozens of projects, which make GNEE become a star company in Asia area.

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which continuously satisfy different needs of customer around the world in the steel supply chain area. strict purchasing and quality inspection team, carefully selecting high-quality raw materials; advanced scientific and technical team to improve production and reduce costs for customers; excellent design and processing team, carefully crafted and refined; intimate shipping logistics team protecting product transportation.

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Our products are exported to more than 120 countriesThe choice of more than 20000 customers

Service Purposes
intentional management, customer priority, coordinated development and dedication to society

Business Philosophy
Technology first, quality as priority, striving for excellence, integrity for future

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EmployeesBrief in GNEE

We have a spacious, state-of-the-art, fully advanced and modernized warehouse that stores tonnes of our value-adding products, which we source out from the mills that are compliant with the universal guidelines for plate production.

about us —— team
about us —— team

We have an adept and proficient team of professionals in addition to our responsive staff that is ever alert for any customer queries and requisites. If you are experiencing difficulty in selecting the correct steel plates for your business, be it a power generation plant or a sugar mill, we have a team of experts who can visit you, on prior demand, giving you the best advice on steel plates, a significant contributor that can flourish your business.

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